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Eurobot 2004 - March Progress Report (04-03-20)



MartA is having her driving unit completed. The CPU unit is ready to work except of reliable battery power. Finally we decided to use a 2.5" notebook HDD for booting (intended to use a Flash memory but it seemed too complicated). Hopefully we will not be sorry for this decision.

At the horizont of 7 days, MartA should be able to drive. This relies on how fast will Ondra be able to complete the wheel montage. Tomas and Pavel are currently working on sensorics specification. We already decided to use encoders for odometry and SharpGP2D12 rangers to look out for obstacles. David is working on the Beacon electronics (it seems we will use 4 static Beacons with some kind of modulated IR signal and an 8-directional receiver).

Idea Schema Reality
Idea Schema Reality


MartY has his driving unit finished. The schematic image shows what rests to be done. The crucial part of MartY’s function is the unfolding at the beginning of the match. MartY has to reach the border and fix onto it with 100% reliability. Honza is currently working on the necessary mechanisms (for unfolding and border-snapping).

Idea Schema Reality
Idea Schema Reality

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