Eurobot 2004 - Last-minute Progress Report (04-05-16)



MartA is still posing some problems with electronics (noise from engines causing restarts of the control unit. Hopefully this is behind us and we can finally concentrate on some action. MartA is going to be completely blind in the end driving just with the use of 7 bumpers. When a ball is detected, it is “swallowed” and a seek for the goal begins. Using an IR beacon, the opponent goal is identified and the ball is released. MartA then continues with the random drive throughout the playing field seeking for more balls.

And that’s all folks. Yes, of course we planned to do much more ;-) Now we hope that we manage to finish it this simple.


MartY is almost done. Honza is currently working on the crucial border-snapping mechanism. Only a few wires and MartY is ready to go. :-)

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