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Eurobot 2004 - Conclusion

This year MART successfully passed through the Czech National Cup to take part at the Eurobot Finals and finish on a pretty 26th place.

All pictures and videos are available here.

Czech National Cup

The task for czech national cup was to pass the approvals, i.e. put at least one ball into the opponnent’s in-goal zone. The team managed to fulfil this rather difficult task and proceeded to the Eurobotopen Finals from the second place in the Czech Cup.

Marta has been finished just 30 minutes before the start of the approval procedures. Marty was not functional and was not used.

  Marta's HW   Marta waiting to start   Marta in game
Ready… Steady… GO!
  Marty's arm   Marty is working   Marty's approval
Unfolding arm Unfolding in action Passing the approvals

Eurobot Finals

In La Ferté-Bernard, Marta repeated the success from the Czech Cup and approved for the qualifications. Despite numerous hardware and software shortcomings, she collected a total of 7 points in the qualification rounds and finised on the 26th place.

Marty was never finished.

  La Ferté-Bernard   Waiting for the approvals   Preparing for the approval match
La Ferté-Bernard Waiting to approve Approvals
  The Olympia Hall where the matches took place   Marta ready for the game   Marta stuck herself on a palm tree
Olympia Hall Ready to play Got stuck
  Ondra really tired after an overnight work   The four robots of the Czech representation   The three Czech teams
Exhausted Czech robots Czech teams


This is a copy of the technical file passed to the competition organizers.

Technical File for the Eurobot Finals

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