Marta playing at the Eurobot Finals

In the 2004, MartA was the primary robot of the team MART.

Her purpose was to put the balls into the opponnents’in-goal zone.

Although both the hardware and software was very simple, we had severe problems to make it all working. The principial goal of passing approvals at the Czech Cup was fulfilled thanks to a really incredible portion of luck because the only implemented strategy was to drive with a given PWM for an estimated amount of time and then rotate the manipulator to drop the ball (if any) into the in-goal zone. The actual fact that all the estimated parameters led to a successful approval was a miracle.

In the Czech Cup, Marta managed to beat the Ester robot which later finished 4rd at the Eurobot Finals!

At the Finals, serious problems with driving unit appeared. The engines were used and the gearings did not stand the difficult conditions we put them in. Another big fault was a usage of a gliding surface instead of caster wheels – the french tables were less slippery and Marta refused to drive. We lost two matches before we discovered the true reason.

In the five qualification rounds, we collected a total of 7 points and finised on the 26th place.


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