Robot Lojza for Eurobot 2005

Robot Lojza for Eurobot 2005 and Liza are the two robots of the team MART designed for Eurobot 2005.

Both robots have solid aluminium frame whose ground projection could be enclosed into a rectangle of 20×30cm. They are about 35cm high. The robots are diferentially driven with powered wheels at the rear corners and two individually steerable wheels at the front ones, which enables them to both follow arc trajectories and turn in place.

The upper part is filled with a VIA EPIA-based PC. On the very top, there is a beacon support with a hyperbolic mirror and a camera used for self-localization and skittle detection.

Wireframe schematic of Lojza and Liza

Rendered schematic of Lojza and Liza

Work-in-progress shot of Lojza

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