MART - Matfyz Robotic Team

MART is a team of students from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague participating at the Eurobotopen robotic contest.

Eurobot 2009 - Temples of Atlantis

In 2009 - the robot who builds the tallest columns and temples will be declared the winner.

Team webpages are in construction - and will be placed on
We have gathered about 20 people this year and we are willing to win the competition, this year!

Team members:

  • David Obdržálek - advisor
  • Martin Dekar
  • Pavol “Juso” Jusko
  • Roman Piták
  • Tomáš “Oscar” Petrůšek
  • Andrej “Hydrant” Mikulík
  • Radim Pechal
  • Stanislav “Angwin” Basovník
  • Čestmír “CZestmyr” Houška
  • Michal Demín
  • Josef Špak
  • Ondřej Staněk
  • Jan Procházka
  • Marek Luňáček
  • Marek Skalka
  • Peter Černo
  • Martin Pokorný
  • Matěj Korvas
  • Michal Mašek
  • Tomáš Klačko
  • Peter Morihladko

Eurobot 2008 - The Mars Mission

In the 2008 the robots are exploring Mars.

Team MART was participating with a robot Logion. You can find the current team pages here: ==== ====

Team Members

  • Andrej Mikulík, student
  • Pavol Jusko, student
  • Radim Pechal, student
  • Roman Piták, student
  • Martin Dekár, student
  • Stanislav Basovník, student
  • Tomáš Petrůšek, student
  • David Obdržálek, advisor

Eurobot 2006 - The Funny Golf

In the 2006, the robots were playing golf..

Team MART participated with Kubik, a mobile robot with omnidirectional camera and ended 36th at the international finals in Catania, Italy.


Team Members

  • Jan Benda (M.S. student)
  • Ondřej Luks (M.S. student)

Eurobot 2005 - The Bowling

In the 2005, the robots were playing with skittles..

Our robot did not qualify for the finals ending 6th in the Czech National Cup this year.


Team Members

  • Jan Benda (M.S. student)
  • Ondřej Luks (M.S. student)
  • Ing. Jiří Vojtek


Eurobot 2004 - The Coconut Rugby

This was our first year in the contest. In the 2004, out robots Marta and Marty were playing rugby on a coconut island..

The rules and several more articles are available on

Our robot succeeded in the approvals for both the Czech national cup and the Eurobot finals and finished at the 26th place.


Team Members

(in alphabetic order)

  • Jan Benda (M.S. student)
  • Mgr. Pavel Ježek (Ph.D. student)
  • Ondřej Luks (M.S. student)
  • Tomáš Málek (M.S. student)
  • RNDr. David Obdržálek (faculty representant, official team leader)


You can reach us using this e-mail.

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